• Risks Restaurants Face

    The restaurant industry faces many risks in today’s world. Technology, a changing economy…the list goes on. Here are four issues of particular interest.

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    Risks Restaurants Face
  • The Internet is safe…right?

    So many of us are in possession, at one point or another, of information customers would prefer to keep private.

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    The Internet is safe…right?
  • A Yardstick of Quality

    I wanted to share with you an email I sent out to our team tonight. In the days, weeks and months ahead, we’ll be showcasing our value proposition on these very pages…

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    A Yardstick of Quality
  • Certificates…Online!

    We’re always looking for ways to make your job easier, and to help us get you what you need even quicker. What can we say? We’re good like that. So, you can now request a Certificate of Insurance online!

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  • Protecting New Technology

    Our business is constantly innovating, and always looking for ways to make the insurance process easier. Our clients now have access to their policy documents on our website, or their mobile phone.

    Protecting New Technology

We are Employee Benefits & Business Insurance experts.

Employee Benefits are never easy. So much is changing in the marketplace, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. We build strong benefit programs to fit the needs of YOUR business, not someone else. Employee Benefits should never be one size fits all. We approach each engagement with a commitment to presenting fresh ideas that don’t always fit inside the proverbial box.

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Property & Casualty insurance can be “make or break” for any business. It’s easy to overlook the needs of your risk management practice. We build programs that address the true needs of your business, while balancing that goal with the ever changing market price. Saving money is only half the battle. The other half is making sure the money you spend is being spent in the right places.

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  • I was hired July, 2011 as the controller for Fields Plumbing & Heating. The Sorin Group was already the agent of record for our health insurance, dental and other employee related insurance policies. While I have been fortunate to work with good agents in the past, I have to say that Kathy and Irv of The Sorin Group are the best. With all the questions, problems and concerns such as Cobra, anniversary dates, etc., I wouldn’t want to even consider dealing with them without the services of a good INDEPENDENT agent. As stated before, they are the best.–Ken Barnes, Controller, Fields Plumbing & Heating

  • Since having them as our brokers, my job as HR Manager has been effortless in regards to benefits. They are great at assisting me in balancing what my staff needs for good health coverage and what my company can cost effectively provide. I can't say enough about them.–Carla Anderson, HR Manager, Med-El Corp.

  • I have worked with Eric at two companies. Eric has a wealth of knowledge that he shares with his clients to bring them the best products at the best costs for their needs. Eric always responded quickly to any requests we had and made many helpful suggestions to ensure that we were getting the very best. Our staff responded well to Eric as he has the ability to communicate well with others and quickly puts others at ease. I would highly recommend Eric - he's the best!–Flo D.

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